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Quality Floors Direct Delivery Policy


About Our Shipping Calculator

Our technologists worked with our shipping vendors to create a tool for you to use to have items shipped directly to your door via an internet order. It calculates rates based upon a less-than-truckload (LTL) residential, curbside, lift-gate delivery. If you try it out and it doesn’t give you the number you want, please give us a call and we’ll help. Believe it or not, shipping costs vary daily. It costs more to have items delivered on certain days. If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, we can deliver direct to you for as little as $99. Call us at 888-703-5667 and give us a chance to help you save as much money as possible by filling you in on all the secrets for getting the cheapest rates!


Shipping Hardwood Flooring

One of the tremendous advantages we offer is flooring that is as fresh and as untouched as possible.


If you decide to get liquidated or try a big box store, who knows how many times your flooring has been moved or touched? How many years has it been sitting there? How many temperature variations it has been subjected to?


Flooring is probably the most vulnerable while still in the box. We understand that and don’t compromise on quality, only reputable shippers deliver it to you. To us, it doesn’t make sense to chance ruining a great floor in the last step before it gets to you.


We’ve negotiated some of the lowest shipping rates in the industry, but just like everything else in life, shipping is not free.


How we Ship Hardwood Flooring

Shipments under 100 pounds – Usually UPS or FedEx. Based upon their policies these shipments normally DON’T require a signature for delivery.


Shipments over 100 pounds – These shipments are sent by an LTL common carrier residential, curbside, lift-gate delivery.


What does this mean? It means a semi-trailer truck loaded with your flooring picks-up your flooring and delivers it to your home. The truck’s trailer will have a lift-gate to move the flooring to the ground so that you may unload and store the hardwood floors at the jobsite.


When you’re comparing prices, always make sure that you specify residential, curbside, lift-gate delivery or be prepared to take the flooring at a dock or have equipment available to remove it from the truck.


Lead Times

Upon placing your order, a member of our customer service staff will contact you will an estimated delivery date and local delivery terminal contact information.


TIP: Do NOT schedule installation of your hardwood floors until after receipt of all of your material.


Delivery cannot be guaranteed by shippers. Unpredictable weather, manufacturing hiccups, traffic, and a whole host of other potential issues can potentially alter delivery dates. SHOP EARLY. CALL US. That’s the best way to coordinate your delivery. From the moment of your first contact with us, the person that takes your order handles it until it arrives at your home. You’re never an order number. We’ll know you by first name and that’s how you’ll know us.