Design Insights: Timeless over Trendy with Michelle Washle


Designer Insights


When making design decisions the options are endless, but that is usually the problem.  Out of hundreds of samples, species, and colors deciding the perfect floor is a daunting task.  


In order to sift through the possibilities, we asked Design Concept Manager Michelle Washle of Little Bitz Inc to give us some pointers on what to look for when deciding to go with a new floor.


The Interview:


Quality Floors Direct: What do you think most clients are looking for in their homes?


Michelle Washle:  Most client’s are looking for small changes.  When you look at [the room] as a whole, it can be overwhelming, but take it piece by piece.  Ask yourself, what is most important to you for that room? 


QFD: What would you consider “classic” flooring?



MW:  When I think of “classic” I look at the houses that our grandparents used to have.  They are timeless, meaning that they can withstand the test of time.  Those houses are going to last forever.  The floors in those houses were hardwoods, ceramic tile, and stone.

Light Hardwood Floors Modern



QFD: What are some new flooring products you would be interested in using? What are some design trends for 2014?


MW:  I’ve been noticing a big grey trend over the past couple of years.  The good thing is that grey can be timeless, grey can last for over 20 years.  I’ve seen some other trends, like the geometric tiles from Amtico, but I use those trendier pieces as accents in the midst of a neutral background.  The last thing you want is to walk into your house a year from now and hate your new floors. 


QFD: How do you determine what flooring certain client should have in their home?


MW: I find that most designers look for making a room their own, what I do, is looking for my design to reflect the owners.  I want to make a space where people could move peacefully.  [My Design] is giving people a tranquil peaceful place, or making a place where they can live.  For example, for an older couple, flooring is a big decision.  You need a place with no slippery floors, such as marble. 


If you want to see more of Michelle Washle’s design techniques, check out her facebook page to book an appointment with her for your home.  Little Bitz Inc is based out of Louisville, Kentucky and is "making everyday life easier."