Small Additions Make a Big Difference


            So once you have finished picking out your flooring, whether it be local flooring or trying to make your home family friendly, make sure you follow the final steps to creating the finishing touches to your new floors.


Flush Mount Vents


wood ventures

Wood Ventures cover the vents located throughout your home.  These wood styled vents should match the stain or style of the flooring of your choice.  By matching these finishing details it creates a fluid look, and will bring continuity to your home that will be sure to attract attention.


Stair Treads and Risers




stair nose treads

Stair nose in Golden Oak, Metro Brown, and Cherry Oak and more have a finished edge to a step or staircase.  These stair nose treads create a continuous wood look to your staircases.  The straight stair treads are a simpler option that you will still need to finish off your flooring needs.


The small details to a flooring project are what make the difference between a house and home.   Don’t forget to include your wood ventures and stair treads before you complete your purchase.