Moving Tips to Protect Your Floors

Moving Tips

Moving is known as one of the biggest stressors.  Whether you are moving across the country or a few doors down, in the frenzy to get everything ready, you do not want to risk damaging the floors in your current home or your new one.


Where do you start?


The first steps to protecting your floor is to go with a natural finish in a low or semi gloss.  In flooring, we often find it easier to be proactive in choosing the right type of finish instead of having to make repairs later.  Learn more about how to cater floors to your family here.

Moving Day Tips


On Moving Day


One trick to moving is to have three important supplies:

-       Paper Towels

-       Tape

-       Rags


These three elements are important to have on hand to quickly swipe up any unwanted dirt left behind on your floors. For the rags, place them under or on the base of your furniture to prevent it from being scratched, and secure them with tape.  These rags will allow the furniture to glide and can allow for an easier hold when picking up furniture. 


Extra Tip: If you are planning on using a U-Haul, or other moving truck, placing rags in-between furniture and other items will prevent pieces from slamming together during the trip.


Moving In


Once you reach your location, make sure to place down rugs and runways in the house, especially if the furniture will slide on it.  Once you’ve placed your furniture in the desired spot, the rags that are in place will easily slide along the floor.  Remove the tape and rags, and the floors will look smooth and scuff free.


Preventing Future Damage


If you are deciding for specific wood types that will be the best for high traffic areas, engineered and solid hardwood are your best bet.  If you want to look a bit further, choose a species of wood with your desired hardness rating to be the best fit. 


For other options, look into laminate flooring like Quick Step or durable luxury vinyl like Amtico


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