Make Your Home Family Friendly

You are busy.  Your family is busy.  The last thing you need to worry about is having your beautiful hardwood floors scratched, and in need of repair, due to the wear and tear of daily life.

So, how do you prevent the inevitable?  The dog tracking in unwanted mud, the cat discovered a new scratching post in your brand new floors, and the kids getting in everywhere.

kid with wooden blocks


Let’s stop the mayhem in its tracks.  In flooring, the best offense against damaged floors is a great defense.  Here are the prevention methods to tailor your floors to work in your home, not against it.

Pet Protection


Do you have a large or small dog?  For any animal, the best practice is to keep their nails trimmed. This will limit the scratches on your floors, and will make your floors last longer.

Small Dog


For Large Dogs, consider natural red oak or white oak with natural semi or low gloss finish.  Avoid all types of stained flooring.  A natural color with a stain applied to its surface gets scratched; it exposes the natural coloring underneath making the scratch marks more pronounced.

White Oak



For Small Dogs, Flooring in natural colors with a semi or low gloss finish doesn’t show surface scratches as much as other types.



Luckily, cats tend to work with all varieties of hardwoods.  Again, just make sure their nails are trimmed.  If you want extra protection, go with the natural semi or low gloss finish.

 Make It Play Safe 

Unfinished Red Oak

Spend more time playing and less time worrying.  For your children’s playroom, harder woods like oak, maple and hickory work well and resist dings and scratches better than softer woods. Always lean toward natural finishes in a low gloss or semi-gloss because these hide dings and marks the best.



You do not have to sacrifice quality over durability.   These prevention methods for your family will allow you to have a beautiful home, and less worry about keeping it that way.