Heart Pine – Ready For Any Living Taste

Columbia Hardwood Flooring for Kitchen


Are you looking for a hardwood that can fit with your style?


Heart pine hardwood flooring has a unique ability to work for many living situations.  It’s warm texture and sometimes-rustic edges provide either a formal elegant look to your home, or an informal cabin-like environment.


Formal Look


If you are looking to the polished style of heart pine flooring, the most popular types of heart pine are the select and better and #1 common grade.  These grade types provide a classic, streamline look to your home. 


Another style to incorporate for a formal setting is the wide width planks with longer lengths.  For top of the line houses and environments, it is a lasting style that captures the warmth and character of the home.   Heart pine with quality grades and wide width planks brings sophistication and intimacy to a home that will be timeless from the moment the flooring is installed until 20 years down the road.


Antique Heart Pine

Informal Look

Perhaps your style leans more rustic than classically trendy.  In these cases, heart pine is still an excellent choice.  By selecting a lower grade, such as a character grade heart pine, the environment will still have a warm feeling, but with a cabin-like style.  For this type of look, providing a wide width plank and a lower grade for your heart pine selection will give you that rustic undertone, but for a more close-knit home feel.




Other than selecting specific grades to style your hardwood, look towards different finish options to see what type of luster you will need for your home style.  Check out how to determine what finish is best for you here.


Heart pine has the versatility to work in multiple home environments.  When selecting unfinished solid hardwood for your home, look towards heart pine for a multi purpose product.