Bring Old World Charm with Hand Scraped Flooring


In the age of artisans, installing a wood floor required craftsmen connecting with the wood, individually sculpting each board with a hand scraper to level the floor while drawing out its beauty.

Hand Scraped Bordeaux

Today, hand scraped floors try to recapture that connection with nature. It’s the idea of using various techniques to emulate the look of the past.


How Manufacturers Replicate the Look


In luxury vinyl tile and laminated flooring, manufacturers use machining and printing technology to replicate the look. Some pre-finished wood floor manufacturers use machine scraping which results in a uniform appearance.


For higher end pre-finished flooring, manufacturers still employ individual artisans. They inspect each piece of wood to determine its uniqueness in pattern, grain and color. Once they establish the character of the board, they use the perfect combination of tools and techniques to create a work of art. After hand scraping, depending upon the look, they might hammer imprinted dents, simulate wormholes, and make depressions and marks. Whether it is a natural-looking chatter mark, antique wear and tear, or highlighting imperfections, the craftsman develops a unique appearance as if the wood was from a different era.


The result is a richly textured floor that highlights the natural beauty of the wood and ties it back to the past when everyone was more connected with nature. Enduring, authentic magnificence is the goal.


Where to Use Hand Scraped Flooring

From cottages to castles, hand scraped flooring fits right in. The diversity of colors and grains available today allows the hand scraped look to enhance a Napa ranch as well as an ultra-sleek concrete and steel apartment.


Hand scraped floors blend perfectly with the laid-back elegance of a Napa Valley home. From the kitchen to a formal dining room, they reflect the time and care vintners put into their wineries. They capture the connection with nature and reflect it through the home.


Harris Wood Maple CappuccinoAt the other end of the decorating spectrum, the character of dark wood hand scraped flooring creates a dramatic statement in a modern home when combined with white trim and light colored walls. They also work well with stone or metal accents. The warmth, texture and richness combines for the best of what’s old and new.


Don’t be afraid to consider hand scraped flooring in any environment where you want to pull in some Old World charm. 


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