Design Ideas with Amtico Flooring


Amtico Flooring for Luxury Locations

Across the board from our commercial designers to our specialized interior designers, they love Amtico flooring! If you are looking to create a smart, sophisticated, clean look needed in a modern law office or a high tech headquarters, Amtico flooring has a number of woods, stones and unique designs to choose from.  Amtico flooring can stand up to high traffic and abuse, but still look great.  It’s easy to keep looking sharp and is easy to install.


If you are a boating enthusiast emerging from this long winter to start to look for easy to install, marine friendly


Amtico Spacia for Rustic Homesfloors, check out Amtico’s marine flooring line. The marine line is rated within the stringent fire safety requirements of the International Maritime Organization. It is lightweight compared to other flooring options and the choices offered by Amtico are unparalleled. Whether you have an ocean faring yacht or a houseboat on the lake, Amtico provides something for everyone.

For you urban dwellers in Chicago and California, Amtico Woods and Amtico Abstracts in downtown apartments to create an upscale feel. From rustic woods in the living areas to stones in the kitchens and baths, the versatility and choices suite any palette.  Are you trying to keep your floors family friendly? Kid’s love names like Stardust Grape and Pure Plain Juice in their bedrooms and playrooms, and Moms can feel safe saying “go ahead” seeing how resilient and easy to clean Amtico floors can be.


Now, if your looking for floors to stand up to the summer heat you get in Texas, Louisiana, north into Oklahoma and even to the west as far as Arizona, Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tile stands up to temperature extremes and wild swings. It resists sunlight better than other flooring, and is easier on the feet than stone and more durable than wood. Amtico can absorbs

Amtico Flooring for Warm Areas

sound better than laminates leaving your home cool without the echo of other floor types.  You can install it anywhere in the home without fear.



But most of all, Amtico flooring is beautiful. With the vast array of color choices and looks, you can do everything from ultra-conservative to unbelievably daring.


Discover where you can fit Amtico Flooring into your design vision or even your location. Ask your designer or contractor to take a look at the options and let your mind run wild!