Flooring Trend: Grey is the New Black


As 2014 progresses, it is clear that there is a definite turn to either light or dark colors. There has been a move away from medium tones especially in higher end dwellings. At the lighter end of the spectrum, grey has emerged as the “must have” color. 

Amtico Luxury Flooring


This time around, grey is shredding its association with dull, concrete, and battleships. Instead grey is becomming a breathe of fresh air.  These greys add warmth and comfort. They provide sophistication without being hard or uncomfortable. It’s a perfect fit when mixed with darker tones and serves to enhance pops of color in furniture, artwork, draperies and pillows.




As the trend toward colorful furnishings becomes more prominent, designers are using greys to take the edge off.  It is steering away from other lights because most just amplify it. Grey is becomming a standard nuetral that is looking to stand the test of time.

Amtico Spacia Linear Stone Shale


As easily, greys compliment softer colors. Greys don’t mind taking the backseat. They’ll set off deep rich colors without competing.  Grey is also used with patterns and floor motifs, espeically for Amtico products.  Best of all, they provide a cleaner look than most other light tones.





In hardwood floors, greys draw out the beauty and intricacy of the natural grains. We’re finding that many customers are opting for unfinished floors and going grey on site. When they’re ready for a change, they can refinish and make the switch yet keep the feel that the wood provides.  Grey is a classic that you can invest in.